Downpours didn’t dampen our Turbo Tennis spirit!




Saturday 10th of May was our Summer Turbo Competition. Rain had been forecast but  perhaps lured by promises of Strawberries and Pimms, 21 members turned up to battle it out for the prestige but definitely not for the prizes!

As we stepped our for the first round, the heavens opened, and it was a true English baptism for our newer members who found out that nothing stops us playing our tennis! Allen Clark even removed his glasses for a while as he couldn’t see whether they were on or off; he still managed to win that game prompting calls that perhaps he should always play with his glasses removed!

By the second round, the sun was out and I heard complaints from someone in a very bright tee-shirt, that sunglasses were now required! Yes truly, British Summer had arrived. For future reference you need waterproof, sunglasses, insect repellant and Arnica at all times Andy.

We were ably supported by members young and old. Emma Woodley enjoyed her first adult tournament and Miles Liversidge was an excellent time-keeper. Unfortunately for his mother he now feels he can shout ‘Stop!’ and ‘Start!’ through a loudhailer whenever he likes!

Overall Trish and Caroline were joint ladies winners with Wendy and An joint runners-up. Allen triumphed for the gents (see Allen, no glasses is the way forward) with a massive 38 points; Frank and Andy came in second and third.

A huge thank you to all who came, played, supported and cleared-up. A great start to our summer season. Please come and support our teams playing this coming week. Mens II on the 13th and Ladies III on Friday 16th both at home.