Jack Petchey Winners

Each year we select youngsters who have performed beyond expectations and have raised their games. They receive a certificate and an enamel pin plus a motivational booklet from Jack Petchey himself. The award comes with a monetary reward which is used to improve the experience of all children and young people at ELTC.

Here are some of the winners from the last few years:

2014 – James Osei-Anane, Joshua Cowley-Smith, Campbell Garner, Aravindah Manivannian

2013 – Brodie Husband, Josh Down, James Cutts, Jacob Cohen

2012 – Luke Wilson, Jay Antrobus, Ben Rogers, Richard Arrowsmith, Sophie Organ

2011 – Jacob Davies, Emma Woodley, Gorav Krishnan

2010 – Benedict Harrison, Callam Harney, Kushal Shah, Grace Firmin

2009 – Chris Johnson, Niall Bevan, Alfie Dellar

2008 – Nick Mason, Connor Ellerbeck, Daniel & Marco Tascon

2007 – Justin Brown, Tom Watkins

2006  – Andrew Ratnage, Greg Chandler