Maintenance Day 2013

That’s right. The snow and ice have come and gone, and it’s now time to get the club back in shape for the new season!

The date is set for the 23rd of March.

Check out how well the 2012 event went down. Highlights include Jim Warnes with a large bag, Michael Keown with a wheelbarrow and Paul Phillips doing his best impression of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. Click here for all the pics

Everyone’s favourite Grounds & Maintenance man, Paul Anderson, has badhed together a list of jobs!…

  1. Clean down outside of clubhouse including the gutters that need emptying.
  2. Clean inside windows and repair the curtain hooks at the same time.
  3. Clear up leaves around the tennis courts to which not very much left this winter.
  4. Tighten up the fencing wire supports which needs two people.
  5. Clean BBQ area plus stain the wood and paint the walls with tile paint.
  6. Move CCTV hard drive and install additional cameras and repoint where need be. (Alan C plus 1)
  7. Quick sand down of the last two wooden benches and re stain. (Plus one small repair)
  8. Moss killer applied to courts where needed.
  9. Coat hangers for courts to be installed. Think we have 3 of them left.
  10. Someone to keep us fed and watered cooking bacon sandwiches etc.
  11. Anyone brave enough to use my petrol chainsaw for some tree work at the bottom right hand courts.

No doubt there’ll be tasty bacon sarnies and cuppas to go around!