And the winner is…..

Frank Coppi stormed to victory in the Derek Sledge Tournament with a grand total of 24 points, a clear three points ahead of his nearest rival.

Frank attributes his success to the quality of his partners on the day and of course his intensive training regime!

The members were glad to play this important annual tournament on Sunday before the AGM and as usual it was played with excellent sportsmanship and good humour.

Thanks go to Michael Keown for organising and running this event. We should also congratulate the runners-up: Paul Barnes – 21 points, Michael Keown – 20 points and Caroline Liversidge – 19 points. 


Maintenance Day 2013

That’s right. The snow and ice have come and gone, and it’s now time to get the club back in shape for the new season!

The date is set for the 23rd of March.

Check out how well the 2012 event went down. Highlights include Jim Warnes with a large bag, Michael Keown with a wheelbarrow and Paul Phillips doing his best impression of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. Click here for all the pics

Everyone’s favourite Grounds & Maintenance man, Paul Anderson, has badhed together a list of jobs!…

  1. Clean down outside of clubhouse including the gutters that need emptying.
  2. Clean inside windows and repair the curtain hooks at the same time.
  3. Clear up leaves around the tennis courts to which not very much left this winter.
  4. Tighten up the fencing wire supports which needs two people.
  5. Clean BBQ area plus stain the wood and paint the walls with tile paint.
  6. Move CCTV hard drive and install additional cameras and repoint where need be. (Alan C plus 1)
  7. Quick sand down of the last two wooden benches and re stain. (Plus one small repair)
  8. Moss killer applied to courts where needed.
  9. Coat hangers for courts to be installed. Think we have 3 of them left.
  10. Someone to keep us fed and watered cooking bacon sandwiches etc.
  11. Anyone brave enough to use my petrol chainsaw for some tree work at the bottom right hand courts.

No doubt there’ll be tasty bacon sarnies and cuppas to go around!

Turbo Tennis – 10th February 2013 – 1:30pm


On the 10th of February, at 1:30pm, Turbo Tennis returns to ELTC!

What makes Turbo Tennis turbo? (The rules!)

10 minute halves: After exactly ten minutes, a whistle will sound. You then swap ends and play another ten minute half. If you’re mid-point when the whistle blows, you finish the point, but not the game. At the end of the second half, you only count complete games e.g. 4-3 (0-40) is a 4-3 win.

Sudden death deuce: At 40-40, it’s next point wins. The receiving team choose who wants to return and whoever wins the point, wins the game.

Lets count on serve: Those serves that clip the net and roll into the service box, usually resulting in a first serve again, they now count as aces!

No time wasting: This is exactly what it says on the tin! Get the points in quick. It could come back to bite you later on!

No whites: An optional rule, but the more vulgar, bright and outrageous the colours you wear on court, the better. And also the more likely you are to put off your opponents!

There will be food and cakes for after the tournament too! It’s £5 to enter.

“How do I sign up?” I hear you scream. Just drop your name under this post here, send an email to or drop your name on the sign up sheet in the clubhouse.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible, Turbo Tennis is always a great day!

A new year rolls in

The 2013 calendar of events is now up and live. Just click on ‘What’s on’ above this post, or just click this link.

Check out what we’ve got coming up at ELTC in 2013. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your emails, as well as here, for updates on events and more information about what’s going on. Dates can change because of the weather!

Look forward to another great year at ELTC and your continued support at events is always greatly appreciated!