Maintenance Day – March 14th

Ever wondered how the courts and grounds look so good? Well most of it is down to Paul Anderson and you now have the chance to help him out.

On Saturday March 14th we will be holding a maintenance day to give our club a facelift.

So whether its painting benches, clearing paths, cleaning the clubhouse or simply helping cook the bacon rolls to keep the workforce going, now’s your chance to get involved.

Turn up at 10am on the day or let us know in advance.

All help welcome and appreciated.

7th Dec – Winter Warmer Tournament/Service Auction/AGM!

What I hear you cry?! All three things on one day, surely we cannot be that lucky?


Christmas drinksWell yes you are, lucky member of ELTC and not only that we will be having a prize giving to round off the year in style. The trophies for the club championship will be awarded and some other players will also be recognised for their contributions to the club in various ways.

We need your support to raise money for the club, have fun and help improve the club with your contributions and ideas at the AGM.

Please also come armed with your cheque book (yes I am old school!) for the service auction where many great prizes are available if the price is right! Whether you fancy a week in Courcheval or simply a delicious cake, we have something for all.

See you all there on the 7th of December. The tournament starts at 1.45pm, followed by the service auction, AGM, presentations and finally festive drinks and nibbles.

Junior Championship 2014

The finals of our Club Junior Championship 2014 were played last week with the eventual winners being Alfie Deller, who beat Jack Shepherd, and Emma Woodley, who beat Abbie Riley. Well done to our deserving winners and thank you to our runners-up. Neil reported that the matches were played with great spirit and a sense of fair play.

Congratulations to you all.




Our annual Derek Sledge tournament named after a Life Member of ELTC who sadly passed away a few years ago was played last Saturday in the blazing sunshine.

Each round consisted of 9 games with a sudden death deuce point. Some of our number played with traditional wooden racquets which seemed to be of particular benefit to Michael Amey!

Our overall winner was Colin Woodley with a stunning 29 points – 4 points clear of his nearest competitor. Frank Coppi came second with Jim and Michael Amey in joint third. Colin received the magnificent Derek Sledge cup and a Brazil pint glass!10429210_10152560680243156_8048784316866716917_n

Our lowest point scorer received a high quality 100% rubber, England Duck but sadly this now depressed duck has been abandoned at the club. If his owner would kindly retrieve him this delightful duck would be happy once more…

A special award was given to Messrs Keown and Arrowsmith for their comedy act (not sure it was always intentional!) and general good attitude on court. They received a stunning Samba whistle/bottle opener which no self respecting World cup lover should be without.10341407_10152560680613156_3541789810984302662_n

The beer element was introduced between rounds as a tasting game. We all tried 5 International beers and rated them for: Aroma, Flavour, After taste and Overall experience. Overall our Polish beer – Tyskie – Just about came out as the winner, closely followed by our American Tap Room Brewing Beer. A beer which polarised opinions was the Brazilian Bachata (beer with rum!) this proved to be most popular with all the ladies. Michael Amey also rated this highly however I think these results may have been skewed by his beer consumption as Michael’s scores steadily rose in line with the amount of beer he was drinking…

All in all an enjoyable and successful tournament. Special thanks to Imogen, Jim and Karen for organising score cards and beers.

Winter Floodlight League Success

Summer is coming and the leagues have started well. All our teams are up and playing, we are looking forward to a good season.

The Winter Floodlight season ended in the Spring and whilst all of our teams played well, three in particular deserve a special mention.

The Ladies I team won their division and so have gone up to Division 4 for next Winter:  Well done to Lianne Eden (captain), Lindsey Cameron, Sophie Coyne, Michelle Agate, Gill Murfitt and Trish Parker.

Not to be outdone, two men’s teams were also promoted coming second in their respective divisions: The Men’s I team have been promoted to Division 2 and the Men’s II team to Division 5. Well done Gentlemen!

Good Luck to our all teams in the Summer League.


Downpours didn’t dampen our Turbo Tennis spirit!




Saturday 10th of May was our Summer Turbo Competition. Rain had been forecast but  perhaps lured by promises of Strawberries and Pimms, 21 members turned up to battle it out for the prestige but definitely not for the prizes!

As we stepped our for the first round, the heavens opened, and it was a true English baptism for our newer members who found out that nothing stops us playing our tennis! Allen Clark even removed his glasses for a while as he couldn’t see whether they were on or off; he still managed to win that game prompting calls that perhaps he should always play with his glasses removed!

By the second round, the sun was out and I heard complaints from someone in a very bright tee-shirt, that sunglasses were now required! Yes truly, British Summer had arrived. For future reference you need waterproof, sunglasses, insect repellant and Arnica at all times Andy.

We were ably supported by members young and old. Emma Woodley enjoyed her first adult tournament and Miles Liversidge was an excellent time-keeper. Unfortunately for his mother he now feels he can shout ‘Stop!’ and ‘Start!’ through a loudhailer whenever he likes!

Overall Trish and Caroline were joint ladies winners with Wendy and An joint runners-up. Allen triumphed for the gents (see Allen, no glasses is the way forward) with a massive 38 points; Frank and Andy came in second and third.

A huge thank you to all who came, played, supported and cleared-up. A great start to our summer season. Please come and support our teams playing this coming week. Mens II on the 13th and Ladies III on Friday 16th both at home.